The Intermission

Cass and Jonathan Coyne are the sort of couple who inspire jealousy in everyone. They seem to have it all: good looks, considerable intelligence, a reasonably hot sex life, and enough money to curate their Manhattan apartment in haute-urban style, replete with an ironic dog-themed second bedroom for their puppy.

But, after nearly six years of marriage, Cass is skittish. The unshakable confidence she felt on her wedding day is gone, and she’s terrified of beginning a family with the wrong partner. Jonathan, on the other hand, is still smitten with Cass. It’s true that the personality quirks he once found charming in his wife – her opacity, her high standards, her unwavering self-possession – are beginning to grate. But, for him, these are minor challenges in an otherwise healthy relationship. So it comes as a complete shock to Jonathan when Cass suddenly demands a marital intermission: a six-month separation during which they’ll figure out if the comfortable life they’ve built together is really the one they want. After dropping this bombshell, Cass takes off for L.A., and she and Jonathan are both left wondering if their issues as a couple – the nameless, shapeless ones at the bedrock of their temporary split – are rooted in the soul-crushing little secrets each of them works so hard to hide. Or maybe the opposite is true, and their mutual lies and shrewd manipulations are definitive proof of a perfect match.

THE INTERMISSION offers readers a tightly-wrought “he said, she said” portrait of a relationship, where neither party is quite as innocent as we first think. Readers will find themselves riveted by this thought-provoking story that ponders how much we know – and how much we should want to know – about the people we love the best.


The Intermission deftly pulls apart the puzzle of one couple’s marriage and lays the pieces bare, posing the question: would you walk away from your marriage in order to save it? A provocative, insightful look at the intricacies of marriage, the role of fate, and the unpredictable nature of love.” —Jamie Brenner, bestselling author of The Husband Hour